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Many fans of computer based flight simulation software want to take the next step in their hobby which is to improve the realism and experience of the flight controls, adding multiple displays, and building full scale cockpits. The task of building complex projects such as full scale cockpits seem unimaginable a few years ago.
Modified CH Flight Control

Modified CH Flight Control

An example is shown on the photo on the right where you can see a modification I made to the “CH Flight Simulator Yoke“. The modification consisted of adding five switches with dual function, one of them included two red and two green light indicators to be used for the landing gear. The modification also included a switch for activation and deactivation of Force Feedback effect borrowed from another joystick which included a light indicator. The two Force Feedback motors are attached to the main control axis inside the control case. The electronic components for the switches and for the Force Feedback mechanism were obtained from a Logitech WingMan RumblePad USB joystick . These changes to the “CH Flight Simulator Yoke” added vibration effect that responds to the pilot’s interaction with the controls and the movement of the plane in the virtual environment. The buttons and lights add a dimension of realism.

This is a list of online resources for those interested in these projects:

I began my first flight simulation project back in 1988. The project was a prototype of full scale flight controls that operated with personal computers for a  low cost flight simulator system for use by the Peruvian Air Force. The device included a full scale flight control (joystick), a throtle control and pedals. All were built from scratch. All components were constructed in acrylic and in conjunction with the computer, keyboard and monitor placed inside a wooden cabin built by Seman (Maintenance Service of the Air Force of Peru). See the article that appeared in the magazine PC World Peru on January 22, 1992. (Adobe PDF Document)

This web site is about the construction of a home Flight Simulator System. I will document the complete construction process from begining to end. This site will display photographs, diagrams and discuss the problems found during the construction process. It will list the parts, materials and software used.

I welcome you to leave your comments and suggestions.

My Dad and a P-47 of the Peruvian Airforce

My Dad and a P-47 of the Peruvian Airforce

I have decided to “baptize” my Flight Simulator System “Piranha” (“Piraña” in Spanish)  after the call-name used by my father as a fighter pilot with the Peruvian Air Force. He will also be the first test pilot of the Flight Simulator System when it is completed.

Thank you for visiting my web site.


Oscar Gagliardi, Jr.
Emmitsburg, MD, USA.

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