Preliminary test of the Flight Simulator Configuration

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Today I made and exhaustive test of the software and hardware of the Flight Simulator Configuration.

Flight Simulator preliminary test

Flight Simulator preliminary test

The system is made of the following components:

1- Primary System:

Computer: Gateway GT5032: AMD Athlon 64×2, dual core processor 4200+ 2.2Ghz 2000Mhz FSB
250GB Hard Drive, 7200RPM
100GB Hard Drive, 10000RPM (the installation of the flight simulator software resides on this drive)
Nvidia GeForce 7900 (to be updated with a faster card)
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Three 22″ Proview LCD Monitors

This system will be running Microsoft Flight Simulator X with the FSUIPC plugin which will send data to the secondary system through the network for the display of the instrumentation. The function of the primary system is to run The main Flight simulator software and display the outside view on the three LCD monitors. The three LCD monitors are connected to the computer using the Matrox TripleHead2Go adaptor.

2- Secondary System:

Computer: AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 1.66Ghz
512MB RAM (to be updated to at least 1GB)
Nvidia GeForce FX 5700LE
Two 15″ CRT monitors
One 14″ CRT monitor
Windows XP Professional

This system will run the FSXpand (from Flyware) software to display the instrumentation on the three CRT monitors. The two 15″ CRT monitors are connected to a “Y” splitter. They display redundant instrumentation (navigation) for the pilot and co-pilot. The 14″ monitor will display additional instrumentation (engine management).

Primary Instrumentation

Primary Instrumentation

Secondary Instrumentation

Secondary Instrumentation

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